I came across Paul when he was undertaking his palliative care placement at Royal North Shore hospital. Paul is not your regular nursing student, he is 76 years old and is studying nursing at UTS. A dignified and principled man, he has lived a fascinating life. In 1948 at the age of six he fled Hungary with his family, narrowly escaping the death marches and concentration camps of World War II. After some time in the USA and then a tumultuous few years back in Hungary a few months before the revolution began, they eventually arrived in Australia and settled as a family of four. Paul dedicated his life to working for the government as a Rehabilitation Officer and then as a high school teacher of psychology and mathematics. He discovered he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30 and undertook chemotherapy, however the cancer returned in his 50’s and has been present ever since. Paul is now 76 and doesn’t believe in retirement. He is studying nursing, and wants to be able to care for his beautiful wife Anne in her old age, learn more about his illness, and immerse himself in as many experiences as he can.