Work that has been recognised in print/digital media or featured in exhibitions

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Winner of the Frankie Magazine’s ‘Good Stuff Awards’ 2019

The Frankie Magazine’s Good Stuff Awards celebrates creative talent from all across Australia and New Zealand. I won in the photography category amongst thousands of applicants.

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Winner of the Monster Children Annual Photo Competition 2018

I won the internationally renowned Monster Children Annual Photo Competition for 2018. Tens of thousands of applicants submitted photos with a $5000 trip to New Zealand up for grabs.

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ARTICLE: Progress on pause: the potential of the Service Learning in Indigenous Communities initiative

Honi Soit (2018)

A landmark innovation of Indigenous staff members faces an uncertain future at the University.


PAPER: Racism: It's not a Black and White Issue

‘A study into the unconscious prejudice embedded within Australia's 'egalitarian' society that accepts Aboriginal identity’ (2013)

This was my major work for my HSC Society and Culture project that received an award for being one of the top 10 projects in NSW.