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The Anthropocene
My Two Cents: A group exhibition of future nostalgia- No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne
May 2019

Future nostalgia ostensibly defies logic. How can one sentimentally yearn to re-experience something that has not yet happened? But future nostalgia exists for many who have psychologically lived in the future, and for young people that is a future plagued with the consequences of anthropogenic climate change. In March, 70,000 school students congregated outside of Old Town Hall in Melbourne in the largest national climate action Australia has ever seen. ‘The Anthropocene’ asks viewers to look 5-10 years in to the future through the eyes of a young person. Will we continue to engage in self-destructive environmental behaviours and political intransigence of climate policies, or will we have made meaningful changes that we are able to reminisce on with a sense of nostalgia and a sigh of relief.